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The TechCouch is where I play with my favourite technology...
I broadcast youtube videos from the TechCouch in which I unbox tech, review cool and useful products, and demo gear or applications of technologies that interest me. I Tweet and post to Instagram regularly about my TechCouch adventures... 
I am still in the process of developing my channels, and have been building a library of fun and interesting videos at: TechCouch and TechCouchBaby
You will find a selection of videos below, but there is much more at our youtube pages. I am currently working on some playlists overviewing "how to use..." your iPhone and AppleTV

TechCouch on YouTube

Learn Apple TV

Learn Apple TV

How to use the Apple TV (tvOS 10)                         
How to use  AirPlay (share iPhone/iPad/Mac screen to your TV)       
The SIRI Remote
One of my fave games (and social activities): bowling on the TV
Apple TV (tvOS 10) Apps

Baby Tech

Baby Tech
UPPABaby Vista (2017) Overview
Leander Maddy Change Pad
Wabbanub Infant Pacifier
Diaper Genie 
4moms Infant Tub

Learn iPhone

HARD RESTART: Best iPhone Fix
Easiest way to sell your iPhone
Learn iPhone
How to use CarPlay
Restore iPhone form backup
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