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In an increasingly technology-centric world, we can help you set up your digital life, learn the language of technology, and become proficient in the tasks that are most important to you.

TechTutor is a service that provides lessons, consulting, and troubleshooting with personal technology. We specialize in the use of Apple products including iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. Our TechProfessor is experienced running programs for children, teaching at the university level, and working with seniors (in both client-oriented contexts and in conducting research in cognitive neuroscience of aging in late adulthood). 


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iPhone/iPad Lessons              ($100 per class or $250 for three-part course including all three classes)

1) Setting up your iPhone or iPad & Introduction to the Basics

2) Learning the basics of your device & Overview of Apple's built-in apps

3) Going beyond Apple apps to Master your iPhone or iPad

Mac Lessons                             ($100 per class or $175 for two-part course including both classes)

1) Setting up you Mac and introduction to the Basics

2) Learning the basics of your device & Overview of Apple's built-in apps

Apple Watch Primer             ($150 for the single session course)

I will help you set up, an learn how to use your Apple Watch, including how to create and use your own timepieces, how to use Siri to make your life easier, how to use the wearable to manage your phone notifications, how to use the watch as a fitness tracker, and how to use any specific apps that interest you. 

Customized Lessons with Specific Tasks and Apps:        ($90/hour)

Document preparation with Microsoft Word or Pages (or other word processors)

List and Data Management with Microsoft Excel or Numbers

Building Presentation with Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote

Integrating into you Cloud Ecosystem with Google or Apple (iCloud)


In-person ($95/hour)

Remote ($80/hour)

Other Technological Consulting

Call or Email us to see if we can help you with any other technology needs (help with other devices, hardware setup, digital accounts setup/management, etc.,)

Group Lessons

Have a group of people interested in learning together? The TechProfessor can tailor a course for multiple learners.  

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